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Below is a listing of projects that I have either worked on or am currently participating in. Some are larger projects with development teams while others are personal projects I work on in my spare time. I'll endevor to keep this up-to-date.

Community Projects

  1. LOGIN - Linux Owners Group in Newcastle - more info
    I am currently a member of LOGIN - a local Linux Users Group in Newcastle. We meet every third Monday and routinly get involved in such projects as Software Freedom Day and LinuxConf

Hardware Projects

  1. Modding the Minitar MNWAPB and MNWAPGA - more info
    Minitar produce two access points that run Linux as their core operating system. Due to the hardware design of these units there are various modifications that can be made. I've attempted to document the primary modification (Serial Port Mod) here with pictures and a clear explaniation
  2. Optus My Tab ZTE V9 Light Android Tablet - more info
    Starting to collect some information together on the new Optus My Tab Android tablet which is a rebadged ZTE v9 Light.

Research Projects

  1. Component-based runtime environment for cross-platform applications - more info
    This is my current PhD topic for Computer Science at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Over the 4-5 years I expect that my research will vary greatly, but this is my core subject.

  2. Defensive Worms and their application to the cleanup of network infections - more info
    This is my major Honours Project for the Bachelor Computer Science Honours degree at the University of Newcastle, Australia. It involves researching the idea that a "Good Worm" can be used in a subset of networks to clean up existing worm infections.


  1. Homebrew - more info
    Home brew beer and cider, with a twist of technology of course :-)

  2. Astronomy - more info
    Very very Amateur Astronomy :-)

    Old Projects

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