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Hi everyone,

My name is Mark Wallis. I am co-founder of I live in Newcastle, Australia where I currently work as a full-time Network Administrator while completing my PhD in Computing Science at the University of Newcastle.

I also do online support and development for Minitar - a company which sells a range of 802.11b and 802.11g wireless devices. Their website and forums can be found at

I am also Project Manager for various Open Source developments, including the Rt2x00 Linux Driver, the CoMoblog Mobile Blogging application and the Minitar MNWAPGA Open Source Firmware.

My interests basically revolve around Networks, Security and Software Engineering. Oh, and real life stuff like food, wine and entertainment (edit: used to be a life here, had to have it surgically removed).

This website is just a place I can throw a heap of junk and post any news which is happening in the serialmonkey world which may be of interest to others. We have lots of projects going on at the moment and if anyone is interested in helping out or just finding out more information feel free to drop me an email.

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