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Received 01/20/2009 22:09

LCA09 - hectic first day

Well, pretty sure I was in the last batch of people to turn up today. Conference officially starts tomorrow but there were two days of tutorials on the Monday/Tuesday which the majority attended. I managed to make it to the latter-half of the security tutorial which was good. I still need someone to explain to my how SELinux isn't completely overkill in real-world situations.

New netbook (eeePC 1000h) is going well - except the microphone refuses to work under Ubuntu. I've had to resort to dual-booting back into XP to get my Skype fix. Hopefully I'll be inspired by all the geekyness here this weekend to fix it.

Tomorrow the conference sessions start and I'm hoping to get an early rise happening with a walk around campus before breakfast. Hopefully it will make up for all the squash I'm missing out on back home. University of Tasmania has to be the hilly-est University I've ever seen so its a decent workout just getting from A-to-B.

Talk soon.

Received 01/20/2009 13:29

On my way to Hobart

Currently sitting on a Virgin Blue flight on my way to Hobart for [1]. People that know me know that I'm not generally an angry person (sic), but air travel is really starting to get to me. I've been unlucky enough to see the effect that cheap-airfares have had on the industry over the past 8 years, and as such, I'm going to list my 5 pet-peeves of modern day cheaper-than-a-decent-meal air travel.

1. Unrealistic expectations - "What do you mean you won't let me check in, I still have 5 minutes before the plane leaves !"

2. Backpackers - "I have 17 separate plastic bags of luggage. Please check them all in separately"

3. Transfers - The combined cost of two taxis and my train fare added up to more than the flight itself.

4. People that don't read - You are in the domestic terminal, you are standing under the sign that says "Domestic Checkin". No, you cannot checkin to your international flight here. Don't act surprised.

5. Inconsiderate tools - You are using your mobile phone, on the plane, during the safety demonstration, after already being asked to hang up by the attendants. If the plane crashed on a desert island, I vote we eat you first.

Now, time to enjoy the conference :-)

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